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The great blizzard of 2011. Aftermath.


things i learned from season 1 and 2 of skins:

1) your group of friends should be bi-gendered, atleast 1/4th ethnic and consist of people with varying sexual interests.

2) expect a lot of hardship within your group of friends: ranging from renegade buses, eating/drug/genetic disorders, death and “growing up”

3) people just rent apartments that they are willing to give you for no reason

4) ecstasy reverses brain damage

5) everyone in the uk/manhattan is nice

6) the only pills that will kill you are prescription blood pressure ones

7) when you gamble you get lucky gold coins

8) it’s not awkward when you have sex w/ your friends, your friend’s exs or people with mental disorders. All sexual conquests are easily forgotten or forgiven.

9) fireworks are appropriate at a solemn funeral

10) be careful of shy girls. they will probably try to drug you.

11) the best way to deal with erectile dysfunction is to have a schizophrenic outbreak, masturbate in a stranger’s dorm and get a tattoo.

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